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8 Reasons why you need window branding - Window Decals and Marketing

We all know how important your brand's image is and your place of business is most likely the space where you interact with clients most often. Window graphics are perfect for your office windows, retail store, service centre, restaurant and more. This effective advertising tool can be used across a wide range of businesses and for a wide range of functions. Just picture your place of business chances are you have a lot of clear window space. Windows are everywhere! Are you utilising these spaces to your advantage? If not, we are here to help. We will be covering eight of the reasons why you should make use of window branding for short and long term uses.


1. Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which the public is familiar with the products or services you offer. Your brand identity is more than just your name and logo. It's about what you offer. Ideally, you want your company to be the first one to come to mind when people require your service or products. So, how can window graphics help you increase brand awareness?

Anyone that passes your place of business will see a visual display of your brand and what you have to offer. By using your window space you can get your name out there as well as getting potential clients familiar with your brand.

2. Help identify your location

Not only does a window graphic help you familiarize people with your brand — it does so in a way that also lets people know where you’re located. Signage above the door or building is great for long-distance identification, but by having window branding you can easily catch the attention of people walking by. Window branding is much more flexible than traditional signage, you can make use of bodies of text and various imagery to convey what you do and why someone should step inside or remember your business for future ventures. On a very practical level, custom window graphics can also serve as directional signage. Your storefront will often be how customers form their first impression of your business. You want that impression to be that you care about your customers and want to maximize their convenience. With the current state of the world, we've all seen companies make use of their multiple entrances by having one doorway act as an entrance and another as an exit. Window and floor decals are a great way to assist clients in finding the right entrance.

3. Draw attention to sales and promotions

Sales are effective in increasing your foot traffic, it encourages people to stop in and look around. Sales and special promotions have long been known to benefit businesses, which is why they continue to be a key part of almost all marketing strategies. Discounts can attract both new and returning customers to visit your place of business. Of course, to get consumers through the door, you first need to make them aware of your sale. Adding colourful window graphics such as seasonal marketing material, sales and promotions to your windows is an excellent way to help your brand stand out from the rest. The flexibility in window branding is great for long term as well as short term marketing strategies.

4. Save money on marketing

Cost-effective advertising comes down to getting the highest return on your investment possible. A successful ad should drive an increase in revenue that exceeds the amount spent on the ad. With so many advertising possibilities such as billboards, benches and magazines you generally need to book and pay for the space you would like to advertise. On the contrary, your window space is already within your reach with no hidden extra costs, thus saving you money. Your only cost would be to get the window decals produced and installed by a professional print team.

5. Create privacy

So far, we’ve primarily focused on the way you can attract and inform the public on the outside with window graphics, but window graphics also have some important benefits for the inside of your building. One is that window graphics can provide a greater degree of privacy for employees and customers.

Frosted window graphics, also known as sandblasting vinyl, are a great solution that instantly solves this problem. They allow a great deal of light to pass through but still create a veil of privacy. Perforated film (also known as Contravision) is another great option as it allows for complete visibility from the inside while blocking visibility from the outside.

6. Generate curiosity

If you successfully create a window graphic that is eye-catching and intrigues passersby, they may want to learn more.

You can create intrigue by making your custom window graphics visually appealing and by keeping text minimal. Give them just enough information to make them curious. You can even include an explicit call to action telling them to step inside if they want to learn more or to contact your team.

7. Tie into your digital marketing

Another advantage of a window display is that it can help promote your online presence and any digital marketing campaigns you have going. On the most basic level, you can simply include your web address and any names or handles for your social media sites on your front door or windows to encourage customers to follow and support you. Your social media and digital presence is an essential tool in generating leads and bringing awareness to your brand.

8. Improve the ambience with art

Business window graphics aren’t just advertising tools — they can be works of art too. Creative window graphics on the outside of your building can make your storefront the talk of the town and a bright spot on someone’s commute. Artistic displays are especially effective if your business is in a field where aesthetics are important, such as interior design or hair and makeup studio.

A clear, vivid photo of a model with an impressive hairstyle, for instance, could generate far more intrigue and entice more people to come into your hair salon than a basic sign with your company’s name. You can also apply window graphics to glass walls and interior windows throughout your building. to promote your company culture or simply to inspire your personnel. Window decals can be applied to almost all clear and mirror surfaces.


Get your window decals from Powerhouse PLC

With so many benefits, window decals are an excellent way of enhancing the face of your business. We can assist you with any type or size of window graphic you’re interested in, we bring your vision to life. We use the highest-quality materials and bring our expertise to the table to create vivid and durable graphics that meet your needs and expectations. We operate all services in-house, from print to installation. Contact us to get started taking advantage of this window of opportunity!

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