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3.2m UV Printer:

This is the workhorse of Powerhouse PLC, with high definition Kyocera 4 picolitre printheads, and the ability to print at 94m2 per hour. This printer allows us to provide our clients with fast turnarounds on backlit and front-lit fabric printing, vinyl, PVC, PET sheeting, canvas, paper, cardboard etc…

2.5x1.2m UV Flatbed Printer:

With this true flatbed technology, we have the ability to print high-quality imagery directly on to rigid substrates such as wood, acrylic, foam board, PET, corrugated boards, Glass etc… any flat substrate up to 100mm thick.

1.6m Eco Solvent Printer & Cutter:

This technology allows us to provide you with vinyl decals of any shape or size. Frosted vinyl for window effects, stickers for products, vehicle decals and so much more



1.3x2.5m Flatbed digital cutter

With an onboard camera to read crop marks, this cutter gives us the ability to accurately die-cut printed items, utilizing a range of tools to meet your specific requirements.

  • Blade cutting to cut through vinyl soft substrates such as PET sheeting, ABS, Styrene, corrugated boards.

  • Creasing wheels, to accurately crease boards for packaging, boxes, cards, FSU display units

  • Router, to cut through or engrave the more rigid harder substrates like Perspex, Soft metals and PVC boards

  • V-cutter this is an important part of creating FSU (free-standing units) for Point of sale displays, allowing a full 90 deg bend on thicker corrugated boards like 16mm Xanita boards or 10mm PVC boards

1.3x2.5m CO2 laser cutter

Nothing cuts through Perspex as well as a laser, giving us the ability to cut or engrave intricate designs into acrylics

2x3m 3 axis CNC cutter

Cutting wood and Aluminium is no hassle for this cutter, using high-speed router blades, engraving of intricate designs to look like a well-trained woodcarver had spent days perfecting



With industrial sewing equipment and seamstresses with years of experience, our abilities to finish fabric items is a breeze, with the ability to come up with original patterns for bespoke products as well as fast-finishing fabrics for frames, table cloths and cushions.


A team of highly skilled applicators, who can apply wallpaper, types of vinyl, decals, contra vision, installation of signage, vehicle wrapping etc. our team all have working at heights certification and follow the absolute safety procedures.



Graphic Design

We have 3 extremely creative graphic designers, so if you don’t have artwork we have you covered.

DTP Operators

Many print companies require print ready artwork, however, our designers are well versed in creating print-ready layouts.

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