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Why you should decorate and brand your space for the Holidays

Try to imagine yourself out and about during the holiday season. The streets are lined with dozens of people, shuffling in and out of stores, their arms filled with packages and bags. There is the smell of Christmas and the holidays in the air and in every store and everything is decorated.

In South Africa we celebrate more than just the holidays, it's also Ke Dezemba! The end of the year, the time for celebrations.


Holiday decorations matter

Getting people into your business during the all-important holiday season is all about marketing. How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition? This is especially true for the smaller, independent stores as they compete against the larger stores. What sets you apart?

Studies have been done about this very thing and, overwhelmingly, they show that more than likely you are going to walk into the store that has the decorations. There is something about the warm feeling that comes over shoppers and customers when they see holiday decorations that cause them to want to step inside and look around. More importantly, these customers tend to want to buy. Sure, there are plenty of people who want to complain about how early the decorations go up, but their spending habits show they prefer them.

Types Of Decor

You can easily revamp the look of your space with various budget-friendly items to help you stand out, these include but are not limited to:

  • Standee decorations (just like these). These include life-size and tabletop UV printed Standees. Examples of standee decor - Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Decorative Bulbs, Snowflakes and more

  • Photo opportunity walls and stagings - Set up a unique looking holiday corner for brand exposure, we recommend using a themed backdrop, selfie frame and pop-up decor along with a sign that showcases your hashtags or contact details.

  • Window Decals

  • Shopfront stagings - create fun and unique setups with custom printed backdrops and more

  • Custom branded t-shirts

  • Carboard entry boxes - for giveaways or other competitions

  • 3D text Structures

  • Wobblers and other shelving signage items


Get your custom wallpaper from Powerhouse PLC

Decorating and getting everything ready can take time, that's why we recommend getting started in October or even earlier. Of course, to get the right holiday decorations for your company you have to plan ahead. You want those customers to start pouring in right around November.

We can assist you with any type or size of seasonal graphics you’re interested in, we bring your vision to life. We use the highest-quality materials and bring our expertise to the table to create vivid and durable graphics that meet your needs and expectations. We operate all services in-house, from print to installation. Contact us to get started taking advantage of this seasonal opportunity!

Powerhouse PLC for all your large format printing and laser cutting requirements.

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